Reasonable Accomodations & Modifications Notice

    Fresh Start Properties, LLC Reasonable Accommodation/Modification Notice

    1. Personal information (include your complete name, email address, mailing address, and best number to reach you). 

    2. Fresh Start Properties activity that you are seeking reasonable accommodation/modification for.

    1. Please state what is the nature of your disability.
    1. Please have a healthcare professional familiar with you and your disability describe your disability and what reasonable modifications/accommodations are necessary to accommodate that disability with respect to the particular Fresh Start Properties service, or activity. If accommodations/modification you are requested, please explain and if at all possible, attach those documents to an email.

    Once we have this information, Fresh Start Properties will engage with you in an interactive process to determine what reasonable modifications/accommodations are possible. Please return this form, and any accompanying documents, to 

    We look forward to hearing from you. *Reasonable accommodation and reasonable modification have identical meanings (the terms come from different titles of the ADA but mean exactly the same)

    Please fill out information on attached contact information